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Environmental Impact

U-Drain offers significant environmental benefits in several ways including:-

Reduced Emissions:   The production of carbon dioxide emitted during plastic production is currently exceeding a billion tonnes annually.  The production of the current night urine drainage bags contribute to these emissions.  

Conversely 40% of U-drain’s plastic products are manufactured using recycled plastic.

Reduced Water Consumption:  Water savings using U-drain is considerable.  Calculations of patients cleaning night drainage bags and flushing U-drain are as follows:

  • 10,000 people per year using night drainage bags - 43,800,000 litres per year
  • 10,000 people per year using U-drain - 365,000 litres per year
  • By using U-drain, water consumption is reduced by approximately 97%.

 A standard toilet requires 6 litres to flush once, a night drainage bag user will empty the night bag into the toilet and flush to get rid of the stale urine, the patient will then fill and clean the night bag with tap water then empty the contents into the toilet and flush again. U-drain uses 100ml of water to flush the system; this is less than 3% of the water used with night drainage bags. Water is fast becoming a valuable resource and not one that should be so easily wasted.

Reduced Waste:  Every year over a billion birds and mammals are killed by ingesting plastics as well as 100,000 marine animals which mistake the plastic for food.

U-drain produces approximately 50% less waste than night drainage bags, reducing the burden on the world’s ecosystems.

40% of U-drain’s plastic products are manufactured using recycled plastic.

In summary U-drain not only gives the customer a product which eases the discomfort of the daily routine of emptying and cleaning night bags but it also gives the customer the satisfaction of knowing that they really are making a difference to the planet.

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