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U-Drain has transformed the lives of may people:

Can I get U-drain on prescription?

No the System is not on prescription, the 6 month consumable packs are.  The U-drain system fitted by U-drain installers costs £350 or if you prefer to install yourself then the DiY kit costs £150 plus P&P.

For information on how to order please go to our ordering page:

 Ordering Information

How much of an improvement to your daily routine has U-drain been?

It's as close as someone in our position can get to normality. No more carrying bags of urine to the toilet, no more stench of urine as you empty the night drainage bag. Basically you hook up at night and un-hook in the morning.

Can U-drain be fitted in high rise apartments?

U-drain installation is reliant on being able to tap into your property drainage system. In general, if you can see you drainage pipes inside or outside of your property then you should be able to have U-drain installed.

Yes we have already installed U-drain in apartments. Each home is different so a survey is carried out as soon as the Installer gets to the premises.

What guarantees do I get if U-drain does not live up to my expectations?

If you are not completely satisfied with your U-Drain Installation we will give you a refund upon return of the U-drain system.

What backup do I have if I have difficulties in the installation?

In the UK our Installers will carry out the full Installation. If you are an International customer then You or your installer can call U-drain on +44 161 941 1969, our Installation advisor will help you with any questions you have. Feel free to call this number with any Questions you may have. You can email us at info@u-drain.co.uk We will reply with advise as soon as possible. It’s really simple to install.

How do I get the internal tubing that connects me to the wall socket?

All customers will be advised by the U-drain office on how to access their tubes and adaptors.

How does U-drain compare in price to night drainage bags?

U-drain offers cost savings against Night Drainage Bags, this had to be a goal for us and we have achieved it.

I live in Australia, do you ship to here?

Yes, shipping to Australia takes approximately 5 – 7 days, we will ship U-drain to anywhere in the world.

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