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U-drain dialysis is now on the NHS Renal Framework.  Contact your PD unit to get U-drain FOC. July 2021

Portsmouth PD unit is the latest PD unit to adopt U-drain for their patients. July 2021

Don’t let your patient’s miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Due to the exceptional feedback from trialling our innovative Automated Peritoneal Dialysis drainage system, U-drain Ltd and NHS Supply Chain have created a partnership to roll out a pilot scheme across the UK. 

U-drain APD Drainage System replaces standard APD drainage bags and lines. We are due to launch the scheme in October.

Renal Units across the UK, please contact the U-drain office for more information on how your patient’s can take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity

U-drain’s revolutionary urinary drainage system has been enhanced for use in hospitals and care homes. It puts Patients and Health Care Professional’s wellbeing at the fore, whilst cutting Health Care Providers costs dramatically.

U-drain’s innovative closed system offers huge benefits compared with traditional urine bags and pulp urinals.

The risk of pathogenic organisms gaining entry is dramatically reduced; this in turn offers a cleaner and safer system.  Health Care Professionals are not exposed to patient’s urine which may contain a wide range of infective agents significantly reducing cross contamination.


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U-drain available on Prescription 1st August 2014

NHS Shared Business Services launches U-drain bagless urinary drainage system:

Distributors around the globe have been quick to seize the opportunity in getting involved with U-drain, after its launch in October 2013. 

Australian and Canadian distributors were the first, soon to be followed by companies in the US, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Malaysia, where negotiations are continuing.  

If you would like the opportunity to become a U-drain distributor then please e-mail info@u-drain.co.uk

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